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Belinda Clemmensen

Founder, The Women’s Leadership Intensive

Belinda Clemmensen helps women live and lead to their full potential.  As an ICF certified coach and award-winning designer and facilitator of leadership development initiatives across North America and beyond, Belinda has now turned her focus to helping women lead in whatever domain or industry inspires them.  “I know how hard it is to bring a vision to life because I’ve done it.  Whether that’s a vision for your career, a business, a charitable or creative initiative.  That’s why I developed the Women’s Leadership Intensive; so women wouldn’t have to re-invent the process every time, so women wouldn’t have to do it alone.  This is the program I wished I’d had when I was building my own business, or starting any big project.”

All Sessions by Belinda Clemmensen

Leadership Sessions:
Transformational Leadership

10:00 AM

The workplaces of the future will look very different than what we know today.  Most organizations are structured and managed based on systems and needs of the past.  What will it take to lead not only in the future, but through the transformative time that takes us from here to there? This workshop will focus on the key leadership insights and skills that will serve organizations moving into this new reality, including real collaboration, understanding and leading change, and how to optimize diversity with new mindsets and creativity.  Through meaningful conversation and participation in experiential activities, participants will gain new insights, challenge assumptions, be called forth as leaders in new ways, and develop action steps for leading differently in their own organizations.