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7:30 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Welcome Announcements

9:00 AM

Ministry Panel with CCCBET

10:30-10:45 AM


10:45 AM

Leadership & Organizational Development Sessions

Tamer Ibrahim - Collective Impact

Youth CI is a program that aims to help organizations in communities across Ontario learn about, develop, and implement collective impact initiatives that improve outcomes for youth in their community.This session offers an overview of how Youth CI plays a role in supporting collective impact efforts across Ontario, and shares examples of communities across the province approaching Youth CI for support in a way that fits their local context. It also shares examples of collectives that have set out to achieve bold plans with clear goals and strategic outcomes that strengthen the quality of life for young people.

Learning outcomes:

This session will share knowledge about what it takes to mobilize organization and communities meaningfully, as well as strengthen the skills necessary to implement initiatives that create meaningful change for young people.

Sunil Johal - Understanding the Future of Skills: Trends and Global Policy Responses

The future of skills has become a subject of global debate. So far, most of the attention has been about the occupations most at risk of automation, the number of jobs that will be lost, and the skills and occupations likely to be immune from obsolescence. This session will explore whether that focus is well-deserved, and how the future of skills is evolving in Canada and abroad. Sunil will discuss best practices, initiatives of promise and how they can be deployed to improve re-skilling opportunities for Canadians.

Learning outcomes:

1. Gain an understanding of the skills landscape in Canada and abroad.
2. Learn challenges and opportunities related to re-training initiatives.
3. Understand the role of government in supporting mid-career and displaced workers.

Evelyn Akselrod - Leading Through Disruption

The Employment Services sector is on the cusp of the largest disruption it has ever experienced; are you ready? The work before us starts with a mindset shift. Only when we widen our perspectives and realign our mental positions about the tasks ahead of us, can we lead ourselves and others through disruption. Join Evelyn and other leaders as we prepare together to lead and shape disruption in the employment sector. Evelyn will share a framework that will help participants lead effectively through disruption, and walk away with new tools that can be used to support their teams.

Learning outcomes:

1. Introduce participants to mindset shifts that are needed in VUCA environments (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity);
2. Equip participants with a framework for leading through disruption;
3. Provide the opportunity for participants to workshop challenges and practice new mindsets to create solutions.

Navigator - Government Relations Strategy


12:00 PM


12:30 PM


2:00 PM

Leadership & Organizational Development Sessions

Lisa Hawke - NEET Youth Strategy


Sandra Summerhayes - Leading Transformational Change

“Transformation is a process, not an event.” As a leader, you are responsible to deal with the effects of change on yourself and your staff. People are often quite uncomfortable with change, for all sorts of understandable reasons. This can lead them to resist it and oppose it. It’s important to understand how people are feeling as change proceeds, so that you can guide them through it so they can accept it and support it. In this session, participants will learn effective strategies to successfully deal with change – from workforce professionals who have lived through it.

Learning outcomes:

1. Define change, transformational change & transition
2. Understand the 4 quadrants of the Transition Model and share strategies to successfully move through them
3. Understand your circle of control and influence

Simone Atungo Mergers & Integrations: Exploring Alternative Business Models

Are you prepared for the current changes coming to the employment services sector? These changes call for innovative thinking beyond just conventional partnerships. This session will take participants on a “real-time” integration journey of a unique and ground-breaking merger between a housing provider and a primary health care service. Lessons can be learned about topics such as starting the conversation about integration, involving partners and stakeholders, conducting due diligence and sealing the deal, challenges and opportunities and creating a new vision and strategic priorities.

Adam Morrison and Karen Myers, PHD: Sector Based Models in a Changing Employment System

Sector-based models emerged out of the insight that if training is more carefully tailored to existing jobs, the trainees will have much better chances of obtaining them. Evidence suggests four factors are important to the successful implementation: Understanding employer needs, understanding worker needs, a command ecosystem dynamics, and, labour market agility.


This session will review the evidence surrounding sector-based models. It will then examine the emergence of Tourism SkillsNet Ontario and the management of these factors at various development stages. Finally, it will explore how evaluation can adapt to the more complex outcomes and indicators involved in scalable delivery models.

Learning outcomes:

Drawing from existing research in sector based workforce development, participants will learn about the 4 factors that impact the successful implementation of these models:Understanding employer needs, understanding worker needs, a command ecosystem dynamics, and, labour market agility.

Examining a provincial case study, Tourism SkillsNet Ontario, participants will learn how these factors impacted development and adaptation at various scales and stages in one model’s development and diversification.

Finally, it will explore the evaluation challenges that come with greater scalability and diversification and how approaches might adapt to address more systemic indicators and outcomes.

3:15-3:45 PM


3:45 PM


Dr. Kofi Hope, DPhil, Msc, BA
Senior Policy Advisor, Wellesley Institute
CEO, Kofi Hope Consulting

4:30 PM

Closing Remarks

5:30 PM

Networking Cocktail Reception